Sartre and some faux intellectuals – An obnoxious view on obnoxious people

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Recently, I re-read the Wall by Sartre. I think it’s absolutely brilliant. I enjoyed it so much. Honestly it makes me laugh which is kind of cool because at the heart of all Sartre’s writing is so much despair.

You know the whole existentialism philosophy deal…

I have a problem about all these movements though. (I have a lot of problems)

I am not even a philosophy major and maybe that’s why. Never took a single such course in my life and never will. I’ve read a bit of my share of philosophy and you have to really sift through all that junk.  What really annoys me about all this is its pretentiousness!

I guess coming from a science background, I’d rather hear things about what people do.  If there’s a contradiction between what a person says and what a person does, then the essence of what they say is lost on me.  Show me your faith by your actions… 😀 😀 😀 (pssst it’s a reference to James)

Some of these guys just go on and on about some absolutely drone things.

And at the end of a chapter, it may hit you like a gong what they’re talking about but because your brain is so fried up with all those meaningless words they throw at you, you’ll feel like you’re hearing all this for the first time.

You get me?

They trick you into thinking you never knew of these ideas before.


Foucault was especially horrible. When you get past a really long winded sentence, you feel like putting down the book and going ‘’ casse couille.

Ok it’s cool you made some great observations about society and humans. But what have you done about it? Have you presented any model that could change an aspect of society?

Oh right, I forgot life was meaningless and we should just be in mindless pursuit of our sexual fulfillment.

Oh and curiously most of these thinkers happen to be French.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I have nothing against them. I enjoyed reading Sartre and Camus. Just up till that point.

Like how Camille Paglia put it, she never once found a sentence that interested her among modern French philosophers (I think she called Foucault a bastard).  Though she praised Sartre and Simone De Beauvoir…



I have a problem with Simone’s line of thinking too.

I have a problem with almost everything.

I have a problem with the exclusive club of faux intellectuals.  I just find that detrimental in the long run. It’s basically a great excuse to be self absorbed.

Walk the talk. Do the deed. Say what you will. It’s that simplicity we need.

I guess living in a third world country with third world problems you tend to see things in a less romantic way.

The whole meaningless aspect of life was not something new to me.

The fact that you as an individual, have control over your actions and what you decide to do with your life, is something I endorse.

I’ll end this with quotes from the Bible. (Ecclesiastes)

I was determined to learn the difference between knowledge and foolishness, wisdom and madness. But I found out that I might as well be chasing the wind.

 The wiser you are, the more worries you have; the more you know, the more it hurts.

I have seen everything done in this world, and I tell you, it is all useless. It is like chasing the wind.  You can’t straighten out what is crooked; you can’t count things that aren’t there.

(If this post seemed vitriolic, I assure you I edited it many times.)








3 thoughts on “Sartre and some faux intellectuals – An obnoxious view on obnoxious people

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  2. Oh, that’s treating them a bit harshly, don’t you think? In spite of the fact that these two argued against human primacy, morality, and deistic-based sentience, and by extension espoused nihilism, hedonism and other sine qua nons, they did still serve a vital purpose as philosophers.

    They were extremely effective poster boys of the downfall of Western Civilisation.


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